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What is a PBX Restart?


What is a PBX Restart?

Applies To

  • 8x8 Unified Communications


Why a restart?

The PBX restart involves stopping and then restarting the various services and micro services that make up a customer instance known as the "PBX." It is necessary to perform the restart, primarily, to enable/disable (or set feature values) that can only be identified during the starting of the dependent service/micro service.

What happens during a restart?

During the restart any connected calls (internal or external) will be dropped. Most all physical phone devices will stay online and re-register once the PBX is back online. Recorded voicemails, call recordings, contacts, call history and user settings are not affected by the restart. 

When does the restart take place?

The restart can be scheduled to be performed at any time and will take approximately five to ten minutes to complete. The restart process monitors the PBX, pausing the restart for several minutes if a call is found in progress. It will continue checking and pausing the restart for 30 minutes and then force the restart even with a call in progress.  

What happens after the restart?

Once complete, automated test calls are performed to confirm the return to service. Notification of failure during restart or failure of test calls is sent to the 8x8 Network Operations Center for immediate investigation.

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