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Editions to X Series Account Upgrade - Customer FAQ


8x8 wants to keep you on our latest and greatest platform, X Series. We are upgrading all our Editions users to X Series.

Outcomes from Your Upgrade

  • The update will be automatic with no action needed.
  • The license will be updated from Editions to X Series based on the mapping below. Prices will remain the same with no changes.
Editions License X Series License Differences Extras
VO Editions Lobby X Series Lobby None

No change

VO Editions Basic X Series X1 None
VO Editions X2 X Series X2 None Call recording feature with 1 GB media storage (more storage sold separately)
VO Editions X5 X Series X3 None

No change

VO Editions X6 X Series X4 None

No change

Before and After Experience


  1. Log in to Configuration Manager.
  2. From the Home page, click Licenses.


Editions X Series Migration Before.png


Editions X Series Migration After.png

Billing Statements

After the next billing cycle, you will see the updated services on you bill.


Editions X Series Migration Bill Before.png


Editions X Series Migration Bill After.png


What will my experience be after the upgrade?

  • The upgrade is seamless. No action needed is needed.
  • You will see updated licenses (shown above) and new service names in your next billing statement.

What does this change mean?

We are updating all Editions licenses to X Series licenses. You will only see a change in the license or SKU that is switched from Editions to X Series. You will also see this update reflected in your next bill. The licenses will be X Series licenses.

How can I opt out of the update?

Users are not able to opt out of this update. Virtual Office Editions is being phased out, so all users will be updated to X Series.

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