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Managed Porting Services (USA & Canada)


Managed Local Number Porting Services allows business administrators to get assistance in porting numbers and handling any issues that may occur in the number porting process. This service can be added at any time during the porting process by contacting your 8x8 Sales representative.

Please note: Our Managed Porting service is exclusively available for number porting in the USA and Canada.

Required Documentation/Information

In order to begin the process of porting your numbers we require the following documents filled and completed

  • A completed letter of authorization for each service address and carrier 
  • A completed mapping document
  • A copy of your most recent bill from each carrier is only required for Toll free and international (must be within 30 days of request submission)
    • If any of the information submitted does not match what your former provider has on file it will restart the clock, it is vital that you collect accurate information to the best of your ability 
  • Ensure that all numbers you are looking to port are in a "active " status with the current provider

While not required for all ports, the following documentation will help to reduce issues down the line

  • A copy of the most recent bill from each provider we will be porting from
  • A copy of a Customer Service Record (CSR) from each provider we will be porting from
  • Porting can be scheduled Monday - Friday / 5 am to 3 pm PST

I've purchased LNP Managed Services, what happens next?

If you purchased the Managed Porting Services without implementation services. One of our LNP project coordinators will reach out to you within 2 business days to schedule a time to discuss your requirements and collect any documentation.

If you've purchased the Managed Local Number Porting Services along side an implementation service, you must engage with our implementation team prior to beginning the porting process. If you've ordered implementation services but they are not needed and you would like engage the porting team, please contact your sales rep to properly engage the managed porting team to get the process started for you.

What are the benefits of purchasing LNP Services?

When you purchase LNP services, you will have a dedicated agent working with you on your port request, direct contact with the agent for your porting project, and full ownership from beginning to end with the agent function as a liaison between you and the losing carrier for most issues. This simplifies the porting process as the agent can handle most issues that may arise.

Please Note:

  •  Although the agent will work on your behalf, we are not authorized to discuss account information with your current provider. In situations like this, we may request your partnership to resolve any issues that may arise.
  • We are unable to process port requests with a submission  date exceeding 30 days from the current date, as it is not in compliance with our carriers policies. If your requests falls outside this timeframe, we will be closing your case, once your request falls within the permissible timeframe, please contact your sales rep or engage partner xperience to initiate a new case for you.

Who is eligible to purchase LNP Services?

Anyone can purchase LNP Services. Ideally, this services is intended to be used for larger porting needs.

How do I purchase LNP Services?

Contact your 8x8 Sales representative to purchase LNP Services.

When working with my Project Coordinator what can I expect their response times to be?

While we can't control the response times of carriers, if you reach out to your project coordinator they will respond within 48 hours

Can I upgrade to LNP Services after I start the LNP process?

Yes. Contact your 8x8 Sales representative to purchase LNP Services at any time.

What is the cost to port a number in to 8x8?

While our self service porting is free, if you're porting a large quanity of numbers, or have special requirements you may be required to purchase the Managed Local Number Porting services. The cost for this service is $5.00 per number porting, with a minimum cost of $50.

What if I want my request to happen in the future?

We can only submit porting requests with in 30 business days ( not calander days) . If you purchased MP and you need the port to happen past the 30 days than we will invalidate the case and you will need to work with your sales rep or SDC/IMP rep to have them reach out to the MP team to get a new case started that is within the 30 days.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, depending on the circumstances we can refund this charge if the service was not used. To request a refund, create a case online.

What if I change my mind and am able to complete the port myself?

We can cancel the order and you can request a refund. To request a refund, create a case online.

How to do I contact the LNP team if I've purchased LNP Services?

After purchase, you will receive a welcome email with documentation and agent contact information. 

  • This applies if you purchase managed porting outside of deployment

If you will be working with our implementation team to deploy they will work with you to go over all needed docs and gather all needed information to then hand over to the managed porting team.

  • If you will not be utilizing our implementation team and will be self deploying please contact your sales rep and ask them to start the managed porting process for you 

How long does it take to complete a managed porting request?

While it can vary based on the losing provider, the standard time to complete a managed porting request is 15-21 business days from the date that our agent receives the completed required documentation. If any rejections are received, that 15-21 business day timeline resets so it is important to have the correct documentation upfront.

  • Ports can NOT take place on the weekends. Nor can we do after hour ports
  • We can accommodate the time of port anywhere in between 5 am and 3 pm PST
    • PLEASE BE ADVISED:  for toll-free ports we can not submit sooner than 10 calendar days from your requested go-live date. This is due to carrier restrictions and they do not hold the translations longer than 10 days (if we request sooner your line will go down as translations will drop)

Why does a managed porting request take longer than a standard port request?

The managed porting process requires additional processing time as in most scenarios coordinating the submission of ports between multiple losing carriers and it takes time for our team to work with the loosing carriers to find a time that works for all parties.

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