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Migrating: How to move phone numbers between 8x8 accounts


Migrating your 8x8 phone numbers from one 8x8 X Series account to another.

Applies To

  • Number Migration
  • X Series


Existing 8x8 telephone numbers can be moved from one 8x8 X Series account to another by raising a migration request. The type of migration request will differ based on the volume of numbers involved and the level of configuration required. For more details on the two types of migrations available, see below.

Number Migration

If you need to migrate 10x telephone numbers or fewer then please raise a support case, via the 8x8 Support Portal, on your new account. Ensure you have enough licenses on the new account to accommodate the telephone numbers you are looking to bring across.

Our technical support team will handle the migration and let you know when the numbers are ready for you to assign to users/services on the new account.

Account Migration

If you need to migrate more than 10x telephone numbers, and need assistance with bringing the user configuration across from the existing account, contact your 8x8 account manager to arrange an account migration.

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