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What is 999 BSL?


What is 999 BSL?

Applies To

  • UK Users


999 BSL (British Sign Language) is a new service to support emergency calls to 999 for users who communicate by sign language. The service connects a sign language user by video to a British Sign Language interpreter who translates the caller’s sign language conversation and relays the message to the appropriate 999 emergency services operator.

999 BSL calls can be placed via a dedicated website or individuals can download the 999 BSL iOS or Android app to install on their wireless phone and use the app to initiate a 999 call. The 999 BSL website has a tutorial of how to use the new service as well as FAQs on the services.

This is a free service that is supported by surcharges on communications providers in the UK.

What should I do?

If any of the users of your 8x8 service communicate via sign language, you should let them know about the new 999 BSL service as the service makes it significantly easier for individuals who communicate via sign language to get assistance if they need to use 999 in an emergency.

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