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Add A VCC Agent
8x8 Support

Add A VCC Agent


How to add an Agent to Virtual Contact Center.

Applies To

Virtual Contact Center account with Virtual Office Account Manager.



  • Create the User in Account Manager, set the User to 'VCC Agent'.
  • Configure the User's Workplace Phone in Virtual Contact Center Configuration Manager.

Follow these steps:

Create the User in Account Manager and set the User to 'VCC Agent':

  1. Log into Virtual Office Account Manager.
  2. Select Accounts > User Profiles.
  3. Click 'New User Profile', 'Create a New User Profile' dialog opens.
  4. Fill in the new user's information.
  5. Check the box 'VCC Agent'
  6. Click 'New Private Routing #', the 'Add Private Routing Number' dialog opens.
  7. Click the icon to the right of the Private Routing box, a VCC extension is created.
  8. Click 'Add'
  9. Click 'Save'

Configure the User's Workplace Phone:

  1. Log into Virtual Contact Center Configuration Manager.
  2. Select 'Users'
  3. Edit the new user.
  4. On the Phone tab, enter the user's Virtual Office DID phone number in the "Workplace phone".
  5. Click 'Save'.