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What is HubSpot?
8x8 Support

What is HubSpot?


HubSpot provides, among other things, a CRM application (customer relationship management).

8x8 provides phone integrations in HubSpot for both Virtual Office and VCC.

In addition to providing call controls, the integrations recognize calls to or from established Contacts in the CRM, and can store data from those calls into HubSpot service tickets.

Note: 8x8 integrations are not softphones, so they provide no audio services.

They are effectively call control panels, and are required to work in conjunction with 8x8 Virtual Office Desktop, Virtual Office Mobile, or a hardphone, depending on the integration type and needs of the user.


Requirements & Limitations

  • At this time, the 8x8 VO and VCC integrations support only the Contact object recognition in HubSpot.
  • Using Google Chrome is recommended, to ensure a smooth experience.
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