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How to Enable or Disable Notifications for Virtual Office Mobile
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How to Enable or Disable Notifications for Virtual Office Mobile


To enable or disable the notifications against the mobile application, if they are not populating on the mobile.

Applies To

Virtual Office Mobile App for iOS


When you first install the Virtual Office mobile app, you receive a prompt asking to allow the application to send you device-based notifications. If you decline the prompt, notifications are disabled by default; also if you do not see the notifications despite being logged in you can re-enable the notifications with the steps below.

eye.png Tips:
In order to stay up-to-date on communications in Virtual Office, it is highly recommended that you enable notifications on your device.

To Change Notification Settings

For your device

  1. Within Virtual Office, go to More > Settings > Device Settings to open Virtual Office permissions in your device settings.
  2. Enable Virtual Office notifications, and edit the notification settings as needed.

In Virtual Office

  1. Go to More > Settings.
  2. Under Notifications, enable or disable notifications for:
    • Messages: IM and SMS chat messages, faxes, and voicemails
    • Missed Calls: Incoming calls that timed out and went to voicemail, or were hung up before being answered
  3. Go to Sounds to select the ringtone to play on an incoming Virtual Office call; your selection does not affect your message notification sound or your ringtone for calls to your device number.
The Virtual Office mobile app follows your device-set vibrate settings for notifications.

Additional Information

In order to see notifications in real time, you must be logged in to the Virtual Office mobile app on your device. If you are logged out of the Virtual Office mobile app, notifications are only visible once you log back in.