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How do I install Polycom HDX Telepresence configuration files?
8x8 Support

How do I install Polycom HDX Telepresence configuration files?


Please create a case with 8x8 Technical Support in order to properly install the base configuration files for Polycom HDX Telepresence systems.

While the configuration files are available for public download below, they are not intended for self-service. Please only access these files in conjunction with a concurrent or subsequent 8x8 Service Department appointment.

These files are not recommended for overwriting a working HDX configuration as they provide only a partial configuration. When used, an appointment with 8x8 Service Department may be required in order to bind the individual HDX device to an individual 8x8 Service account. Additional manual configuration may also be required to complete the HDX configuration, where default settings may need to be adjusted further to match your network and bandwidth characteristics.

Note to HDX installer: Please refer to the Polycom HDX Configuration Guide for further instructions.

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