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8x8 Work for Salesforce: How to Make the Communication Panel Float (Undock)


This article explains how docking and undocking of the integration communication panel works in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning modes.


Note: The combined ability to both undock and re-dock the communication panel is available only in Salesforce Lightning mode.

Also, the floating communication panel does not automatically move to the foreground when a call is made or received. This action must be performed by the user.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work for Salesforce Integration v3.1 (Maestro)
  • Salesforce Classic and Lightning modes

Requirements and Limitations in Salesforce

Integration undocking behaves differently between Salesforce Classic and Lightning modes.

  Salesforce Classic Salesforce Lightning
8x8 Work Integration v3.1 Permanently undocked, and cannot be docked in the Salesforce Classic sidebar area. Can be undocked (made to float) and re-docked in the Salesforce Lightning Utility Bar.


To undock the communication panel:

  1. Click on the Phone button in the Salesforce Lightning Utility Bar. In this example it's been renamed to 8x8 Phone.
  2. Click on the box and arrow icon clipboard_e079dadae20b8fe67d1b51632e79029c0.png to undock the comm panel. It may take a few seconds to reload.

To re-dock the floating communication panel:

  1. Click on the box and arrow icon clipboard_e3109dd667620017851903062b40c4d1c.png to re-dock the comm panel.
  2. Click on the Phone button in the Salesforce Lightning Utility Bar to view it, as needed.

Note: If you're viewing Salesforce at the time of a call and need to bring the floating 8x8 comm panel into view, just click the Phone icon in the Salesforce Utility bar.

clipboard_e2f183b70dce9ff0b536aa60e3123da7d.png   clipboard_e85fd8265f8d2f5e50b5219ed93d3b385.png