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Generate an API key in 8x8 Admin Console


Admin Console allows customers to create API keys for a number of APIs. These credentials can be used to access the underlying APIs securely.

API credentials/Apps can be created with access to one or more APIs and multiple sets of credentials/Apps can be created.


Customers can generate keys for the following APIs using this method:

  • Analytics & Content

    • Analytics for Contact Center

    • Call Recordings & Storage (Cloud Storage Service)

    • Customer Experience Post Call Survey

    • Customer Experience Recent Calls

    • Quality Management & Speech Analytics


  • Actions

    • CHAPI Work Chat

    • Contact Center Chat

Applies To

  • 8x8 Admin Console


Assign API Key permission to users

To manage API access keys, a user first needs access to this permission through Roles and Permissions.

This permission is enabled for users of the default Company Admin Role or a custom role can be created for specific users using the application: 8x8 Admin Console and the permission: Application Credentials


Create an app for the API

  1. From the menu, go to API Keys.
  2. Click Create app.
  3. Enter a name for the app.
  4. Select the API/s from the list of available APIs.
  5. Save the app. This automatically generates the API key.



To fetch the API key for the app

  1. Go to the list of apps listed under the API Keys.
  2. Select to edit the app you just created.
  3. Note that the API key and the secret code are now visible in the protective mode.
  4. Click  to view the key and the code.
  5. Copy and store the key for authentication.



To revoke access to any of the supported 8x8 API

You can simply delete the app to remove access to the API. Deleting the app revokes the API key and blocks access to the APIs selected in the app.



After fetching the API key, go to, select the API you wish to use, and use the key to authenticate the API calls.

Additional Information

To create a 'Call Recordings' API Key and Secret, the user must first have the 'Storage API' assignment. This assignment is granted by the Super Admin.

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