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Unable to Create Porting Order


When submitting a port request in 8x8 Admin Console, you receive an error that reads, "Unable to create porting order. Please try again."


Applies To

  • Admin Console
  • Porting


While this error can appear for a few reasons, here are the most common situations and solutions.

Toll Free Numbers

The uploaded bill's file size is too large. Re-upload your bill in a format that is 5MB or less (make sure it still lists the numbers being ported over).

US Number Port Requests

The address entered for the port request may have an incorrect Invalid number of digits for the zip code. Ensure that the zip code submitted is five digits long.

International Port Request Errors

Ensure that you have chosen to select a temporary number from your available numbers. If you don't have any international numbers for that particular country available, contact your sales representative to start the process of ordering temporary numbers. 

Other Issues

If you have tried the above resolutions and are still unable to submit the number port, create a ticket for 8x8 Support.

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