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How to set the amount of time before a Ring Group forwards to a no answer destination?


Set the call forwarding time for callers to a Ring Group 

Applies To

  • Ring Groups


The amount of time before a Ring Group forwards to the configured no answer destination is dependent upon the Ring Pattern.

Ring Pattern

Simultaneous - all phones will ring for the amount of time configured in Total time to alert a member before forwarding.

Round Robin (Cyclic) - Phones will each ring the Total time to alert a member seconds for the number of Cycles configured, before forwarding.
To calculate multiply the number of ring group members times the alert seconds times the number of cycles.
E.g. If there are 3 ring group members with alert time set to 10 seconds and 2 cycles then forwarding would occur after 60 seconds.

Sequential (Cyclic Repetitive) - Same as Round Robin (Cyclic)



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