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8x8 Frontdesk FAQ


8x8 Frontdesk is an 8x8 Work app tailored experience that delivers efficiency and productivity for receptionists and operators handling high call volumes.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Frontdesk
  • 8x8 Work for Desktop

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I download the new Frontdesk app?

The Frontdesk app is a part of the latest versions of Work for Desktop and can be downloaded for Windows or macOS. There is no need to install additional apps, only following the Admin Console web help guide to Set up 8x8 Frontdesk. Once the setup is complete, the assigned users will need to restart the 8x8 Work desktop app for the experience to activate.

The Frontdesk tab is not displayed after I log in, what should I do?

Make sure you logged in with the user that has Frontdesk enabled in Admin Console and the app was restarted after enabling the capability.

Frontdesk is not suitable for me. How do I revert back to the old Switchboard or regular 8x8 Work?

Switching back isn't possible as Switchboard Pro has already reached end-of-support on September 30, 2022 and end-of-life on October 31, 2022.

How do I take breaks when the reception is based on Ring Groups or Call Queues?

When the operator setup is implemented for a team of receptionists using Ring Groups or Call Queues, the 'Away from desk' toggle should not be used. Instead, have the receptionists set their status as 'Do not disturb' when away from desk and back to 'Available' when coming back. Use the RG or CQ call forwarding rules to achieve an optimal call path when all operators are busy, and allow operators to manage their availability.

Why is the ‘Away from desk’ list not showing my Call Queues?

When part of Call Queues as a receptionist and need a break or the day ends, use the Call Queues tab and log out from the queues that route the calls to you. The ‘Away from desk’ list will filter out all queues where you are logged in, to prevent creating a loop from the queue back to the queue, which will cause all queue calls to go directly to Voicemail. Use the ‘Away from desk’ when you are not part of a workgroup.

Why is the ‘Away from desk’ list not showing some AAs, RGs or CQs?

The ‘Away from desk’ list is only showing the AAs, RGs or CQs that are set as ‘Display in company directory’ in their configuration in Admin Console.

How do I transfer to a PSTN/mobile number?

You can transfer an incoming call to a mobile number by putting the active call on hold, using the Dialpad icon, and calling the number from there. When the second call connects you will be able to complete the transfer. If you have the number saved as a Contact, use the Contacts tab, and the hover action will allow to Call or Direct/Cold transfer.

As of v7.12, if the Frontdesk directory contacts have additional numbers (e.g. mobile), quick actions to transfer directly from the contact details panel will be available.

How can I decline/reject a call using Frontdesk?

As an operator, your Frontdesk interface is optimized to receive and answer a high call volume of inbound calls. Rejecting calls or sending them to your Voicemail (like a regular 8x8 Work user, is not a suitable customer engagement approach). When needing a break, use ‘Away from desk’ or log out from your call queues.

If you want to deflect calls selectively to an AA or another service, you can drag & drop the incoming call onto that specific AA, service or contact directory entry.

Can I use Frontdesk for Conference Calls?

No. Conference calling is not supported with Frontdesk.

I have run into an issue and I need help. What should I do?

If the issue does not block you from delivering your day-to-day activities, use the Send Feedback option. Our team is constantly monitoring our feedback queue for items coming in.

Are there any known issues?

Yes, some known issues are present and will be fixed in upcoming updates.

Known Issues:
  • When setting greetings on the user’s own number, the greetings are not working properly. To avoid this, when possible setup the Frontdesk user with its own personal number and then assign the additional service numbers (site, main line, etc) where the greetings were set.

  • When the receptionist is the one initiating a call and then parking it, the wrong caller information is shown in the parked monitoring area. Call parking is available as of v7.12.

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