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What is 8x8 Work for Web and how do I use it?


8x8 Work for Web is the web browser version of the Work for Desktop software. It retains most of the functionality—as well as the look and feel—of the desktop application. Once enabled, each extension on your account can use Work for Web on any computer with Internet access and the Google Chrome browser.

8x8 Work for Web is recommended when:

  • The user cannot install 8x8 Work for Desktop (lack of permissions, the computer does not belong to the user, using a Chromebook, etc.).
  • The user does not need to use local Outlook or Lync integration.

To Use 8x8 Work for Web

  1. In the Google Chrome web browser, navigate to
  2. Log in with your 8x8 extension username and password.
  3. Optionally follow prompts to manage audio devices.

Generally speaking, Work for Web can be used in the same manner as the Work for Desktop native application, including for calls, messaging, meetings, faxes, etc.

Current Limitations

  • At this time, Work for Web may only be used in these browsers: Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based).
  • 8x8 users not on the X Series platform will be unable to access the Account Settings sub-menu in Work for Web -- this includes configuring call forwarding options. (Use the Account Settings App for these settings instead.)
  • Always-on-top pop-ups from the desktop app (such as the incoming call pop-up, call control window, meeting preview, etc.) are not available in the web app. In the web app, answer calls through the in-app incoming call banner.
  • You cannot import Outlook contacts to the web app. (Google contacts are supported.)
  • There are no built-in call controls for headsets in the web app.
  • There is no custom protocol support (tel://, votel:// etc.) in the web app.
  • At this time, there are no keyboard shortcuts in the web app.
  • Sound alert notifications in the Chrome browser on Mac OS

Additional Info

Information about using 8x8 Work for Web is also available on this page of the 8x8 Work for Desktop Web Help Guide.

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