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Ported In Numbers are Not Working
8x8 Support

Ported In Numbers are Not Working


Ported In Numbers not routing calls to it's destination (i.e User Extension , Ring Group or Auto Attendant).

Applies To

Virtual Office Configurations Manager


  1. Log in to VO Configurations Manager
  2. Go to Phone Numbers
  3. Confirm the following fields for the number to confirm it's ported in
    1. Number status is Assigned or Available 
    2. Number source is Port
  4. Check if a Temporary Number is showing up under the Phone Number.
    • If Yes - Contact Number Transfer Team (LNP) 1-877-500-8799 EXAMPLE:
    • If No - Contact Technical Support 1-888-898-8733

Note: check if email confirmation was also received confirming that your phone number was successfully ported in to 8x8.


Temporary Number assigned is still being recognized by the system instead of the newly ported number.

Additional Information

Still not working? Try the following

  1. Make sure the phone number is attached to a user or service like an auto attendant
  2. If using an auto attendant, check for greetings on your open hours, closed hours and alternate hours menus.
  3. If calls are routing to voicemail check call forwarding of the extension



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