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8x8 Support

Calls are missing from the Contact Center Playback-monitoring tab


The Contact Center supervisor or administrator is unable to view certain transaction IDs

Applies To

  • Profiles that have supervisor rights in the Contact Center - Configuration Manager


  1. Open the Contact Center configuration manager
  2. Go to the user profile
  3. Click on the supervisor tab
  4. Check the box for 'this user is a supervisor' and 'allow this supervisor to monitor calls'
  5. Under the 'monitoring' section, click 'assign all' to the queues, agent groups, and campaigns tab
  6. This will allow the supervisor or administrator to view all recorded transaction IDs in monitoring>playback tab



The supervisor or administrator does not have privileges to monitor that queue, agent group, or campaign in the supervisor>monitor tab

Additional Information

If the supervisor is missing the 'save' option, they will need to get in touch with a user that has the super user role to assign them super user rights. See below article on how to assign that: