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How to enable or disable Screen Pop for Configuration Manager (CRM)


How to enable Screen Pop

Applies To

  • Virtual Contact Center Configuration Manager 


  1. Login to the Virtual Contact Center Configuration Manager
  2. Go to the Integrations --> Click on Screen Pop -->Click on Enable Screen Pop


3. Choose your integration type ( Local is selected by default).

Additional Information

The same process applies when you want to activate Screen Pop for external CRMs, but instead of chosing Local, you can change it to NetSuite/Zendesk/Zoho/Salesforce/Microsoft.

To enable an External CRM integration for a tenant, you have to configure screen pop settings in 8x8 Configuration Manager. You need to select a target CRM, specify events that trigger screen population of customer data, and specify screen pop window properties. An agent has to then save the login credentials of the External CRM account in the agent’s profile. Integration enables searching for records containing phone data matching caller ID, and pops up the corresponding record(s) for specific events.

For further information regarding Screen Pop, please click here.

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