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How to invoke the post call survey script

Applies To

  • Virtual Contact Center - Post Call Survey


For an IVR-controlled survey, you need to select the main inbound IVR script to invoke the post call survey script. The main inbound IVR script prompts callers if they are interested in taking the survey, and offers them the survey at the end of the call or call back later.

  1. Go to Scripts.
  2. Select and open the desired IVR script used to invoke the survey.
  3. Modify the script as follows:
    You can introduce the prompt for the survey anywhere within the script. We recommend you to play it as part of the welcome message before the call is directed to a queue.
  4. Under Main Menu, select the node that directs callers to a department. In this example, select node 1 that directs callers to Pediatrics. Add the survey prompt using Say object before callers are directed to the queue.

    For example, "To help us serve you better, we would like to present a survey at the end of your call. Press 1 if you wish to take the survey or press any other digit if you wish to opt out of the survey."

  5. Capture the response to the survey prompt using Get Digit.

    • If the caller accepts the prompt to take the survey, invoke the survey.
      1. To invoke the survey, at the digit pressed for opting in to take the survey, add the Post Call Survey object.
      2. Add the required parameters and click OK.

        • Survey script: Select the post call survey script.
        • Survey offer type: Select from the choices of offering the survey at the end of the or call back later.
        • Callback tries: Enter the number of times you wish to call back to offer the survey.
        • Callback initial delay: Enter the duration (in sec or min) before the first call back.
        • Callback retry delay: If you specified more than one call back tries, specify the delay between the tries.
        • Display "Post Call Survey: Yes" to agent: Enable the option to inform agents that the caller has opted in to take the survey. This helps agents to remind callers to stay on the call for taking the survey.
      3. Ensure the survey is enabled.
    • If the caller rejects the prompt to take the survey, they are directed to the queue.
  6. Ensure the survey is enabled. Save the script.

The configuration of the IVR-controlled survey is now complete.

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