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8x8 Support

How to Test 8x8 Contact Center Channels


To test 8x8 Contact Center channels and see if they are working properly. 

Applies To 

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Channels


Testing can be done with the following methods.

Make an Outbound Call

Make an outbound call from the Agent Desktop. Note that a 1 is needed before dialing in the full number. For example, 1 0123 456 7891.

Use 8x8 Contact Center Numbers

Make test calls to your Contact Center channel numbers. To do this you will need to know the channel numbers that you use with Contact Center. These numbers can be found in your Configuration Manager on the Channels menu. You should be able to call the channel numbers, hear the IVR and/or see the call enter the queue all the way to it being accepted by an agent that is waiting for the transaction.

Use Numbers Outside of Contact Center

Some customers use 8xx numbers with other providers outside of Contact Center. These customers have the 8xx number set to 'ring to' or 'forward' to a channel number.

  • If you can call the 8xx number but you are not hearing the IVR or seeing the call enter the queue, you should then call the Contact Center local channel number that the 8xx number is being sent to.
  • If you can't complete a call using the 8xx number, but you can complete the call using the local channel, you will need to contact your 8xx telecom provider directly and report the issue. If you are unable to complete the call using the local channel and you have verified that this should be a working number, it is enabled and has an IVR, then you will need to contact 8x8 Support.
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