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8x8 Support

How Do I Search Agent Statuses in Agent Workspace?


To view the status of agents in Agent Workspace using the Contacts Directory.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center

  • Agent Workspace


  1. In Contact Center Agent Workspace, click on the Contacts Directory button in the bottom left hand corner of the user interface:

  2. The list of users’ statuses can be seen from the list, which includes agents, 8x8 Work users and system contacts (please note that system contacts do not have a presence status):

  3. To refine the scope of what is displayed in the Contacts Directory, simply click on the Filter button to filter the directory by the required criteria (group, status, type etc.)

  4. From the filtered list you will be able to see whether agents are available, busy, offline, on break, working offline or on wrap up.


Additional Information

The agent directory will show both Contact Center and 8x8 Work for Desktop statuses which can be identified by the symbol next to the status.

If a user is logged into both Contact Center and 8x8 Work then the Contact Center status will always take priority.

If you only want to see a users Contact Center status, you can click the option Show agent status only in the filter section.