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How to Merge a Call to An Agent in Workspace


Merge a call to an agent (calling the Agent while already being in an On-Hold Call with the Customer).

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Agent Workspace


Ensure that, during an active call, you announce the next actions that will be taken and that you will be merging the calls.

  1. Click "Add Participant" in order to bring up the Contacts List or the Dialpad Key

  2. Select an agent or if applicable, select the dial-pad in order to dial the agent's Contact Number, an external contact number or a queue number.

  3. The VCC System will begin dialing the Contact selected or the number added, after the connection is established, in order to merge both calls select "Add to Call" located at the bottom


  4. The calls have been merged and you're now the "Call Leader" with both participants in the call, you can either dismiss the whole call (cutting both sides) or you can leave the call yourself, allowing the other two participants to speak to one another.These options are located at the bottom of the panel.



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