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How to Transfer a Call to Another Queue in 8x8 Agent Contact Center


How to transfer a call to another queue in 8x8 Contact Center.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Agent Workspace
  • Call Transfer


8x8 Contact Center allows agents to transfer an active call to another phone queue. Before transferring an active call to another queue, the agent handling the call should check the status of the destination queue and then transfer. 

To transfer an active phone interaction to a different queue:

  1. During an active call, notify the current caller about the intended transfer to another department.

  2. Click Transfer. The transfer options appear.

  3. Select the Queues tab to view the list of queues in your contact center.

  4. Review the status of the queue by checking the number of available agents assigned to the queue, the number of interactions waiting in the queue, and the longest waiting interaction time.

  5. Select a queue and click Transfer.

  6. At the prompt for transfer confirmation, click Continue.

  7. Notice the message that the interaction is transferred successfully.

  8. Click Wrap up to change your status to Available back again.


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