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How to take calls from a progressive or predictive campaign


If you have been added to a campaign queue that uses either the progressive or the predictive dialer you need to establish a persistent connection to take calls from the queue.

Applies To

  • Contact Center Agents
  • Campaigns


  1. Log in to the Agent Workspace if you are not already logged in then go to Work Offline.
  2. Once working offline click on the Menu and choose Profile.
  3. On the profile page check to see if the workplace phone is validated and then set the phone connection mode to Persistent.
  4. Once you have changed your phone connection mode to Persistent save the profile.
  5. The first time you change the mode to Persistent you will get a pop up explaining the mode and asking you to OK your change.  Click the OK button and proceed if you get the pop up.
  6. When you are ready to take calls from the campaign change your status to Available.
  7. Contact Center will call your workplace number and a confirmation number will be provided to you vocally.  Answer your workplace phone.
  8. When you do this a pop up will come up with a space for a four digit confirmation number for your persistent connection.
  9. Type the confirmation number into the provided boxes and click Confirm.  You might get a brief message that the PIN code is being confirmed.
  10. As calls come into the campaign you will be alerted to a new call either by a short notification message or two beeps depending on how the campaign is configured.
  11. Keep taking phone calls until you are ready to stop. If you want to take a break choose the Work Offline button and then Take A Break. Note: When you are off line or taking a break the persistent call stays connected.
  12. If for some reason the persistent call is disconnected or you hang up your workplace phone you will be presented with a pop up allowing you to re-open the connection or to cancel.
  13. If you do choose to re-open the connection your workplace phone will ring again and after you answer it the confirmation PIN pop up will come up for you to fill in.
  14. When you are ready to finish your persistent session log out of the Agent Workspace and the persistent connection will be ended by Contact Center.
  15. When you are done working on campaigns please go into your profile again and change your Phone connection mode to On demand.
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