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Video Elevation


Video Elevation is an integrated solution that gives agents the ability to solve issues first time, by sending out a link, that allows a phone call, to be elevated to video.

To be able to use the service, you need to have SMS set up on your account and also permission to use the video elevation service. Please speak to your account manager if you need to get access to these. 

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Agent Workspace
  • Video Elevation

How to use the service

Agent flow

  1. While on a phone call, if the agent wants to elevate to to video, go to the SMS button.
  2. Then, select the option for new video invite 
  3. Select the From and To address if needed. 
    • If you have just one SMS number on the account then you can’t select the from. The to address is auto populated but can be changed to send to a different number.
  4. Then, when the SMS is sent, this will then automatically pop up the video elevation window for the agent. 

Customer flow

  1. The customer will then receive the SMS on their phone with a clickable link. 
  2. The customer will click on that link which will then pop up their browser.
  3. An Allow button will appear, that the customer needs to select so they can share their video.
  4. Once the customer is able to share their video, they will be able to see on their phone what they are sharing with the agent.
  5. Now, the agent can guide them where they want them to point the camera.


Sharing video

Where the customer points the phone to, the agent is able to see what the customer can on the screen of their phone

Agent view  

Customer view


The agent can use the screenshot button, which will then save a screenshot of what is on the screen to their desktop. The customer is not given a notification that the screenshot is taken.

Camera view control

The agent can select to change the view of the camera, so they can view the customer's face for identification. When an agent requests this, the customer has to approve it for it to happen.


The agent can use this to take the location of the customer. This customer will need to approve the option for this to work. 


Is there anything that the customer needs to open the link?

The customer just needs to have a phone that can access the internet.

Are there any charges for the customer receiving the SMS? 

There aren’t any charges, however if the customer is not on WIFI, then they could be charged for using their data,

Can I change the number that I send the SMS out to? 

Yes, you can, but be aware if you are sending to a different country there are sometimes different regulations for SMS so you can not guarantee delivery.