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Transferring a Call Fails to Change Agent Status to Busy


Agents in 8x8 Contact Center are transferring calls to other Agents but the receiving agent’s status does not automatically change to busy.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Configuration
  • Agents


Transfer the calls within 8x8 Contact Center by clicking the agent's name in the Agent Status name list, and selecting Make a Call.


The calls are being transferred by dialing Agent B’s office phone number instead of selecting the agent in Contact Center.

Dialing the phone number makes Contact Center think the call is leaving the system, Agent B does not receive the call in, and Agent B's Contact Center does not know Agent B is on a call.

Additional Information

For the steps to perform a warm transfer see Warm Transferring Calls to Agents in 8x8 Contact Center.

For other ways to transfer calls see the 8x8 online documentation Transfer Phone Interactions.

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