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QM SA 5.14 - Applying the Retention Policy for Evaluated Interactions FAQ


This guide will answer some frequently asked questions regarding the 5.14 update for QM&SA that will apply retention policies to interactions that had evaluations made against them.

Applies To

  • Quality Management & Speech Analytics (QM&SA) 5.14
  • Storage Policies


What will change with the update?

Previously, interactions with evaluations made against them were not deleted from storage once the interaction had reached its storage policy time limit.

This update will make it so those interactions with evaluations made against them will also be removed, along with normal interactions.

Will this delete my evaluations?

This change will not delete the evaluations or any data associated with them.

It will only delete the interactions and any usual data associated with them, such as transcripts.

When will the update be released?

The current expected release date for the QM&SA 5.14 update is the 8th of February, 2024.

Can I opt out of the change?

The update will provide a setting to enable or disable the update of applying retention policies to interactions with evaluations. By default, the setting will be disabled.

Only admins will be able to change this setting.

Will I need to download my recordings?

Recordings with evaluations will still be kept on the system while they are within their storage policy time. They will also be kept on the system once this time expires, as long as you don’t enable the setting mentioned above. So, there is no requirement to download any recordings in anticipation of this update.

However, if you typically download recordings reaching their expiration date, and choose to enable the setting, then you should also download recordings with evaluations against them.

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