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Adding Missing Words to Speech Analytics Topics and Searches


To add words not the dictionary to be found by VCC Speech Analytics. This is useful for terms such as company names, trademarked products, and pharmaceutical drug names. 

Speech Analytics only recognizes words that appear in the dictionary so any words that are not in the dictionary have to be found by using the transcriptions Speech Analytics generates when such non-dictionary words are spoken.

Applies To

  • VCC Speech Analytics


Determining the Words to Use

The best way to find how to represent the word or phrase is to make several recordings with different voices and different devices (cell phone, computer audio, standard phone, conference room phone, etc...) to find out how Speech Analytics is transcribing the word or phrase. 

We recommend starting such test calls with a standard phrase such as "This is a speech transcription test." We also recommend that you don't simply state the word repeatedly to get it translated. Try using the word or phrase in the context such as "I started taking drug name last week" or "we used to get our widgets from company name but they started charging too much."

Once you have the words to use add them to Speech Analytics as described below.

Adding Words

  1. Log into your SSO portal.
  2. Click on this icon to access Speech Analytics and QM.
  3. Click the following icon to access the speech analytics section.
  4. Click on the new button in the top right corner to create a new Topic or Topic Category.
  5. Select a new Topic category or Topic.
    • If selected category: Enter the category name and select the channel. 
    • If selected topic: enter a name, select category for it to go under, and the channel.
  6. These will then appear in the left-hand panel.
  7. If you want to get the words from historical calls you need to then click the Reclassify button in the yellow bar that appeared at the top of the page.

    Note: Without hitting reclassify it will only register words from the next call onwards. Reclassify will also disappear if you leave the screen. You can get it back by resaving a topic or creating a new topic/topic category. 


  1. Ensure outbound call recording is enabled.  
  2. Log into VCC
  3. Make outbound calls and use the term in different ways with both caller and callee stating the term so different versions are recorded.
  4. Log into QM/Speech Analytics.
  5. Click Search Interactions.
  6. Review the recording and see how the term was translated. 
  7. Keep a list of the ways it was translated. This can be used in phrases and searches.


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