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Zendesk Integration Pop Up Screens Do Not Appear


Agents report that the Zendesk integration pop-up screen sometimes doesn't come up.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Contact Center
  • Zendesk integration


Agents should wait longer before answering an incoming call so that screen pops work consistently.


During the process of getting information for launching the screen pop the agent's computer needs to communicate with your 8x8 Contact Center tenant server and your Zendesk server. Delays during communication can prevent the proper information from being available before the agent answers the call. When this happens there is not enough information to launch the pop-up, and no pop-up screen is displayed.

Additional Information

If you are having this problem you can run trace route sessions from the computers agents are using to determine if your agents are experiencing unusual delays. Your trace routes should be run to both the Contact Center server your agents log into and the Zendesk server they use as well. If you do find unusual delays you should work with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to see if the path experiencing the delays can be modified to prevent the delays.

You may need to increase the Interaction offer timeout value for agents to give them enough time to delay answering the call. Be sure that the send to voicemail value is larger than the interaction offer timeout otherwise the calls my go to voicemail rather than being directed to another agent.

If you are concerned that your customers will abandon calls if they hear multiple rings before an agent answers the call, you may wish to set the Enable Enhanced Ringtone check box on your Profile page in Contact Center Configuration Manager. This will play queue music until an agent answers rather than having them hear ring tones before an agent picks up their call.

For more information, see 8x8 Integrations Do Not Connect or Do Not Screen Pop.