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Pairing A Poly Rove R8 Repeater To An Active Base Unit

Objective Edit section Edit section

Pairing a Rove R8 repeater to an active base unit.

Applies To Edit section Edit section

  • Poly Rove B2

  • Poly Rove R8 Repeater


Procedure Edit section Edit section

1. Power on the repeater but DO NOT plug the network cable into the repeater until step 8

2. Log into the web GUI of the B2 base unit and navigate to: DECT Wireless > Repeaters

3. Type in the Name of the repeater (can be anything, e.g. Hallway, Warehouse, etc.)

4. Type in the IPEI number of the repeater located on the label on the back of the device

5. Leave Sync Mode to Locale Automatic and leave the RPN and Sync Source fields blank

6. Ensure light is still blinking green on the repeater (if it's solid red, reboot the repeater and wait for the light to blink green again)

7. Click on Register Next

8. Plug the network cable into the repeater

9. The repeater and base unit should blink green until registration is successful

10. Once registered, the base and repeater should have a solid green light and the repeater should show up in the web GUI

Registration Successful.png


11. To pair additional repeaters repeat steps 1-10


Firmware Upgrade

If the firmware of the repeater does not match the version on our server, the firmware will automatically start downloading and the web GUI will indicate that the firmware is updating. 

There is NO indication on the base or repeater that a firmware update is in progress. 

Do not unplug the repeater or base unit until the firmware update is complete.

Repeater FW Updating.png

Repeater FW Update Complete.png


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