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Fuze Contact Center Overview


What are the benefits and features of Fuze Contact Center?

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  • Fuze Contact Center


For access to the Fuze Contact Center, contact your IT administrator for assistance.

A Solution That Fits

Fuze offers cloud contact center solutions to meet a variety of needs, ranging from basic to extremely complex – we support businesses with one to two office locations, high-end global retailers with thousands of agents across many countries, and everything in between. No matter the contact center needs, we have a solution. From dynamic call routing to the whisper feature for real-time training, the Fuze contact center solution empowers contact center supervisors to take unparalleled care of call center employees and their customers. Fuze understands that customer communication preference is half the sales and loyalty battle. We provide contact center employees access to multi-modal communications tools like voice, video conference, and SMS to support customers via their method of choice.

Skill-Based Call Routing

Reduce your cost per call by giving callers the control to choose a call path based on a series of questions chosen by you. Using automated speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS), callers are able to route their calls to the desired destination, all without an operator. With intelligent call routing, contact center calls are routed to the right agent or employee with the expertise to address the callers’ request, resulting in reduced call times and increased customer satisfaction.

Workforce Management

Employ the right agents at the right time with predictive analytics. Not only will you know how many agents are required at any given time, but you will know what skills are required to meet customer demands at those times. Understanding workforce effectiveness and its impact on potential and current customers can be a daunting task, but Fuze’s revolutionary solutions have changed this landscape. For example, all of the business communication instances that originate within the Fuze contact center solution are captured and available for analysis. In this way, companies can ensure that their team is as effective as they can be.

Management Visibility

Empower your call center management team with the tools they need to take unparalleled care of your call center employees and customers. Our powerful analytics engine integrates data from contact center and other Fuze products to provide a complete picture of customer communications and agent performance. Paired with our analytics tool, you are able to view historical trends and create ad hoc reports to learn more and take immediate action when needed.

Additional Benefits

  • Allows contact center agents to work from home as efficiently as they can in the office
  • Offers extensive auto-attendant features
  • Provides unlimited and scalable queue capacity
  • Enables staff to be trained staff with whisper and break-in functionality
  • Features include: Do not disturb, elapsed call timer, hands-free answer, hold, incoming call display, message indicator, redial, soft keys, speakerphone, and speed dial
  • Supervisors can see: abandoned calls, average hold time, Caller ID, idle time, talk time, last time agent took call, number of agents logged into queue, number of calls each agent has taken, order of calls in queue, pause status and pause reason, and service level (as percentage)
  • Custom wallboards to show up-to-date statistics in each call center location 

Additional Information

Looking to upgrade to the Supervisor Console? Click here for additional information.

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