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Installing Fuze Contact Center on macOS


Installing Fuze Contact Center for Mac users.

Applies To

  • Fuze Contact Center
  • macOS


Follow the instructions below to install Fuze Contact Center on your Mac.

If the application is already installed, uninstall it.

If you already have the application installed and have received the following message: “The ThinkingContactCenter executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library.", uninstall it by dragging the folder to the trash can and emptying the trash.

It will ensure a clean installation.

Download the Application

Use the links below to download Fuze Contact Center:

Installing and Launching the Application

Once downloaded, unzip the folder in the downloads section (if applicable), then continue with the following instructions:

  1. Open the Downloads folder and move the entire Fuze Contact Center folder to your Desktop.
    Fuze Contact Center for macOS1.png
  2. Move the entire folder from the Desktop to the Applications folder in your Finder window.
    Fuze Contact Center for macOS2.png
  3. Open the FuzeContactCenter-client folder and then move the application itself out of the folder and into the Applications folder.
    Fuze Contact Center for macOS3.png
    If necessary you may need to authenticate with your Mac user profile credentials, by clicking Authenticate.
    Fuze Contact Center for macOS4.png
    Fuze Contact Center for macOS5.png
    Fuze Contact Center for macOS6.png
  4. Hold down the command key, select the Fuze application and then move it back into the FuzeContactCenter-client folder.
    Fuze Contact Center for macOS7.png
    You might be required to authenticate the move.
    Fuze Contact Center for macOS5.png
  5. Once done, you can launch Fuze Contact Center.

At this point, you will be able to pin the application to the task bar or create a shortcut on your desktop.

Additional Information

Looking to upgrade to the Supervisor Console? Click here for additional information.

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