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Call Dispositions


What are the Call Center Dispositions in the Fuze Data platform?

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Below is a comprehensive list of all call dispositions found in the Fuze Data platform.

Call Center Dispositions

Disposition Code





The caller entered the queue and hung up before their call was answered by an agent, or before waiting longer than the Timeout period.



A call was answered by an agent and completed.  The call was terminated by the agent.



A call was answered by an agent and completed.  The call was terminated by the caller.


Queue Empty

A call enters a queue and there are no agents in the queue. Instead of having the caller wait with no chance of the call being answered, it will bounce the user out of the queue as if it reached the Timeout period.


Exit Timeout

The caller enters a queue and waits longer than the configured "Timeout Period". The call will continue to be processed depending on the configuration (such as sent to a voicemail box or forwarded to an answering service).


Option Out

The caller enters the queue and presses an option key to leave the queue (such as to dial the operator, or go directly to Voicemail).



A call was answered by an agent and then transferred to another extension.


Definitions Associated with Call Center Reports    



Calls Presented

A "presented" call is when a queue call rings an agent. Whether the agent answers the call, or if it is returned to the queue, it will still count towards "calls presented".

Short Calls

The number of calls where the duration is less than 30 seconds.

Bounce Calls

Depending on the configuration of your queue, it is possible to "bounce" or remove an agent from a queue if they are presented a call and do not answer it.
"Bounce count" is the number of times that agent has been removed from the queue.

Ring Time

The number of seconds a call is presented to an agent before it is answered (or returned to the queue).
It is important to note that the "Ring Time" is very different from "Hold Time".

Hold Time

The number of seconds from the time the caller enters the queue to the time the call is answered or abandoned.


"Service Level Agreement" - A call is considered within "SLA" if it is answered or abandoned within the configured number of seconds. The default SLA is 30 seconds and can be configured in the Portal on a per queue basis.
To view the current Portal values run the Assets -> Queue Configuration report. "SLA Calls" is the number of calls "within SLA"

Voice Call Dispositions

Disposition Code





A call was answered by the called party.


No Answer

A call was not answered by the called party.



A busy tone was received by the calling party.



In most cases this means a call was placed but not was delivered, usually because it did not match a dial pattern (for example an incorrect number was dialed).

Forwarded  to ###

e.g. Forwarded to TPNEUROPE-m4654


The call was forwarded to either an outside line or another extension.

Transferred In via ###

e.g. Transferred In via 6302@thinkingphones

Transferred In

The call was transferred by another extension.
If x1234 transferred the call to you, the disposition will read "Transferred In via 1234".

Transferred to ###

e.g. Transferred to 0763@thinkingphones

Transferred Out

The call was transferred to another extension.
If you transfer to x1234, the disposition will read "Transferred Out to 1234".

Voicemail - ###

e.g. Voicemail - 2517@tpneurope


The call was placed into a voicemail box.

Note: This is only for inbound calls - reaching a voicemail outside of Fuze will have a disposition of "Answered".

Check Voicemail - ###

e.g. Check Voicemail - 6035709270@thinkingphones

Check Voicemail

The call was to check the Voicemail. Usually this is reached by dialing *123 or pressing the Voicemail button on the phone.

Answered by AA

Answered by AA

When a call enters an Auto Attendant and is hung up before reaching a person.

Agent Pause

Agent Pause

The agent has dialed a code to pause.

Agent Unpause

Agent Unpause

The agent has dialed a code to unpause.

Agent Login

Agent Login

The agent has dialed a code to log in.

Agent Logout

Agent Logout

The agent has dialed a code to log out.

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