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Using Star Code Call Monitoring with Fuze


Using Star Code call monitoring with Fuze services.

Applies To

  • Fuze
  • Call Monitoring


Star Code call monitoring allows you to listen in on a live call using your desk phone, Fuze Desktop softphone, or Fuze Mobile application. Only one of your agents extensions can be monitored at a time. Only your administrator can change the line that is being monitored.

Call Monitoring Modes

Fuze offers the following modes for call monitoring:

  • Spy: Also known as Mute. It allows you to listen in on an active call without the user being monitored or the far end of the call knowing.
  • Whisper: Also known as Coaching. It allows you to speak to the user being monitored without the far end of the call hearing.
  • Barge: It allows you to create a 3-way conference call where you can speak to the user being monitored as well as the far end of the call.

Monitoring a Call

To monitor a live call:

  1. Dial *888 from your device.
  2. The system will notify you of the extension you are calling from.
    • Press # if this is your extension or if you're calling from a different Fuze number. Enter your extension, then press #.
  3. Enter the extension you are monitoring.
  4. Enter your voicemail PIN.
  5. You are now monitoring the call in Spy mode.

Toggling Between Call Monitoring Modes

To toggle between call monitoring modes:

  • Press 4 to Spy
  • Press 5 to Whisper
  • Press 6 to Barge
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