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Join a Meeting on Fuze Mobile


Join a meeting on Fuze Mobile.

Applies To

  • Fuze Mobile
  • Meetings


You can join meetings in the following ways:

  • Using a meeting ID or meeting link (URL) from the Meetings screen in Fuze Mobile
  • Search for a meeting to join by name or meeting ID
  • Tap a meeting in your upcoming or past meetings lists
  • Use the meeting URL in a Fuze message, SMS, or email

Fuze Mobile Join Meeting1.png

Join With a Meeting ID or Meeting URL

  1. Tap Meetings to view the meetings screen.
    Fuze Mobile Join Meeting2.png
  2. Tap Join a Meeting.
  3. Enter a meeting ID or Meeting Link.
  4. Tap Join Meeting.
    Fuze Mobile Join Meeting3.png

Search for a Meeting to Join

  1. Tap Meetings to view the meetings screen.
  2. Tap in the Search for Meetings search field.
  3. Enter a meeting name or ID number.
  4. Depending on the meeting you are trying to find, filter your search results by tapping  Upcoming or Past.
  5. Tap the meeting you want to join.

Join a Scheduled Meeting (Upcoming or Past)

You can join a scheduled meeting by tapping Meetings, then tapping the meeting you want to join in the Upcoming list. 

Join a Meeting Using the Meeting ID

  1. Tap Meetings.
  2. Tap Join a Meeting, and enter the meeting ID number.
    Fuze Mobile Join Meeting4.png
  3. Tap Join.
    Fuze Mobile Join Meeting5.png
  4. If the audio options screen appears, select an audio option, and then tap Join Meeting to join the meeting.
    Fuze Mobile Join Meeting6.png

Join a Meeting Using a Meeting Link

If your meeting invite has been sent via Fuze message, you can join the meeting simply by tapping the meeting invite in your conversation.

Fuze Mobile Join Meeting7.png

If you receive a meeting URL via SMS or email, you can either tap the URL if it is a hyperlink, or copy and paste the URL into your mobile browser.