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Pre-Meeting Audio Options


Select pre-meeting audio options in the Fuze Mobile app.

Applies To

  • Fuze Mobile
  • Meetings


Before you join or start a meeting, the Audio Options screen may appear, shown below.

Fuze Mobile Pre-Meeting Audio Options1.png

Depending on the phone details you provided when you initially configured Fuze Mobile, the following options are available:

  • Use Wifi or Cellular Data - This option is best when you are connected to a fast wifi network, or if your cellular data signal is strong.
  • Dial-in - Uses your cellular carrier minutes for audio during the meeting. When you join the meeting, a pop-up automatically appears with the number that you can use to dial in.
     Fuze Mobile Pre-Meeting Audio Options2.png
  • Call Me - This option also uses carrier minutes, but Fuze Mobile automatically calls your number, or a number you specify, once you join the meeting:
    Fuze Mobile Pre-Meeting Audio Options3.png

To save your audio settings for future meetings, you can select Auto-join future meetings with this setting.

 Fuze Mobile Pre-Meeting Audio Options4.png

Tap Join Meeting to proceed with joining the meeting using your selected audio configuration.

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