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Participants and Inviting People to a Fuze Room


Inviting people to a Fuze Room.

Applies To

  • Fuze Rooms


If you're starting a meeting, or currently participating in a meeting from a Fuze Room, you can view attendees, and easily search and invite people using the Participants list.

Participants List

Inviting Participants to Fuze Room1.png

The Participants list appears to the right of the Meetings screen when you join a meeting. You can show or hide the Participants list by clicking the Participants button.

Inviting Participants to Fuze Room2.png

Invite or Remind People

You can search for and invite people from your contacts list by clicking Add to open the Invite screen.

Inviting Participants to Fuze Room3.png

Additionally, when you search for someone in a meeting, if they are not found in the attendees list, you can invite them by clicking the Invite To Meeting button that appears.

Inviting Participants to Fuze Room4.png

You can invite multiple people at once from the Invite screen. Depending on whether someone was invited to the meeting, you can either Remind them to join, or Invite them to the meeting. 

Inviting Participants to Fuze Room5.png

Whether you invite or remind someone, Fuze sends the person a notification to join the meeting when you click Invite or Remind.

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