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Meeting Settings in Fuze Rooms


Navigating meeting options in Fuze Rooms.

Applies To

  • Fuze Rooms
  • Settings


When you’re in a meeting in Rooms, you’ll see tiles for other participants whether they’re on video, voice-only, or dialed in.

Fuze Room Features01.jpg

For additional information about the video layout options, refer to Immersive Screen Share for Meetings.

From the meeting toolbar at the bottom of a meeting, you can control your microphone, audio, and video, and you can add view participants, chat, or create a shared note with everyone in the meeting.

The More menu at the lower right of the meeting to access everything from meeting info, to settings, help, recordings, and more.

Fuze Room Features02.png

The following table lists and describes the settings that are available on the More menu.

Setting Description

Fuze Room Features03.png

Navigate to our help resources for Fuze apps.

Fuze Room Features04.png

Opens the Contact Fuze Support screen so that you can report issues to Fuze.

Fuze Room Features05.png

Opens the Fuze Status screen to view a summary of your computer resource consumption and network connection status. You can also click Contact Support in the Fuze Status screen to report issues to Fuze.

Fuze Room Features06.jpg
Fuze Room Features07.jpg

Raises your flag in a meeting so that you can get the attention of the meeting host.

Fuze Room Features08.jpg

Alternately, this feature is helpful as a simple in-meeting voting tool.

Fuze Room Features09.png

Mute all participants in the meeting except for the host.

Fuze Room Features10.png

Fuze Room Features11.png

Start or stop recording of the meeting.

You can also Record in the meeting toolbar to stop a recording at any time.

Fuze Room Features12.png

See the article Meeting Recordings for more details about how to access recordings of your meetings.

Fuze Room Features13.png

Breaks out meeting participants into a separate window.

Fuze Room Features14.png

Fuze Room Features15.png

Show or hide participant tiles from your view in the meeting.

Fuze Room Features16.png

Fuze Room Features17.png

Automatically accept other people who join the meeting.
When Auto Accept is off, the host must approve anyone who attempts to join the meeting.

Fuze Room Features18.png

Fuze Room Features19.png

Disable or enable video for all participants in the meeting except for the host.

Fuze Room Features20.png

Fuze Room Features21.png

Show all participants in tiles, or automatically promote the current speaker to full screen within the Fuze meeting.

Fuze Room Features22.png

Opens the Audio & Video settings and preview

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