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Schedule Meetings with a Fuze Rooms


Scheduling a meeting with a Fuze Room.

Applies To

  • Fuze Rooms
  • Meetings


If your IT Administrator configured one or more of your conference rooms or meeting spaces as a Fuze Room, people at your organization can invite the room to scheduled meetings.

View Recent and Upcoming Meetings in the Room

The Fuze Room main screen lists the upcoming meetings that are scheduled in the Room. Double-click or tap on a meeting in the list to join from the Room.

Fuze Rooms Schedule Meetings.png

Invite the Room to Meetings You Schedule

If you schedule a meeting with Fuze Desktop, Fuze Web, or Fuze Mobile, you can search for a Room by name, and add the Room to your meeting as you would any other contact in your organization.

If a Fuze Room is part of your organization’s directory service, you can view the room’s availability, and you can invite the room to meetings you schedule with your organization’s calendar software.

Schedule Meetings from Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar

If your organization uses Microsoft Outlook or Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), we offer Fuze for Outlook and Fuze for Chrome apps to simplify scheduling with Fuze Rooms.

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