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Using a Mimo Touch Screen Display


Using a Mimo touch screen display with Fuze Rooms.

Applies To

  • Fuze Rooms
  • Mimo Touch Display


You can configure Fuze Rooms to work with a Mimo touch display device in your conference room.

If there are display or calibration issues with your Mimo touch display, contact your IT administrator for assistance. See Rooms Settings for more details about enabling touch screen devices in Fuze Rooms.

Use your Mimo touch display to join meetings, start an instant meeting, and view and join upcoming meetings scheduled for that Fuze Room.

Fuze Rooms Mimo Touch Display1.png

Joining or Starting a Meeting

When you tap in Enter a meeting ID to join..., a dial pad is displayed so that you can enter the meeting ID.

Fuze Rooms Mimo Touch Display2.png

Click Start Instant Meeting to start an impromptu meeting in the Fuze Room.

Audio and Video Controls

During a meeting, you can toggle the microphone, audio, and video settings. 

Fuze Rooms Mimo Touch Display3.png

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