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What features are available in Fuze Rooms?


What features are available in Fuze Rooms?

Applies To

  • Fuze Rooms


Fuze Rooms extends the power of Fuze unified cloud communications to conference rooms and meeting spaces that have dedicated monitors, speakers, microphones, and cameras.

Fuze Rooms utilizes many of the meetings features in Fuze Desktop. Configure your conference room or meeting space as a Fuze Room to use the following features:

  • Invite the room to scheduled or ongoing meetings
  • Join or start a meeting from within the room
  • Share content
  • Invite other Fuze Rooms or contacts
  • Chat
  • View shared notes

Fuze Rooms Overview.png

If your Fuze Room is equipped with dual-display monitors, you can view meeting content on one screen and video attendees on the other, enabling everyone in the room to access and view all meeting information and remain engaged.

When you invite a Fuze Room to a scheduled Fuze video meeting, the Fuze Room uses proximity detection to join the meeting automatically once you are in the room.

Fuze Room for Tablets

If your organization uses tablets in conference rooms or meeting spaces, Fuze Rooms has a full-featured mobile version designed specifically for tablets.  Fuze Room for tablets is available for iOS and Android.

Fuze Rooms for Tablets.png

Note to IT administrators: Setting up Fuze Rooms on a tablet is as simple as installing Fuze Mobile from your device's app store, and signing in using a Rooms-specific user account. See Fuze Community for more details about Rooms user administration.

One-touch Meeting Controls

You can configure Fuze Rooms to work with Mimo touch screen display devices that are local to the room.

For information about using a Mimo device with your Fuze Room, see Using a Mimo touch screen display.

Note to IT administrators: For information about configuring your Mimo device with your Fuze Room, see Fuze Rooms Configuration Administration guide in Fuze Community.

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