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Fuze Legacy Contact Center End of Support and End of Life FAQ


The legacy Fuze Contact Center is a platform developed by third-party company iSymphony that has been branded as a Fuze product. Fuze customers use this product for contact center queue visibility, receptionist call routing, etc.

This legacy Fuze Contact Center may also be referred to as FCC or Thinking Contact Center (TCC).

Important: Please note that this article refers only to the older legacy Fuze Contact Center implementation, and not the more recent FuzeCC contact center. See below for visual examples of these two different contact center products.

Applies To

  • Fuze Contact Center (FCC)
  • Thinking Contact Center (TCC)
  • iSymphony
  • End of Life

Visual Comparison of Contact Center Solutions

Legacy: Fuze Contact Center

This contact center product is reaching End-of-Support and End-of-Life, and is being retired:



This contact center product is not currently slated to be retired:


Questions & Answers

What's happening?

Fuze Contact Center is no longer sustainable as a product, and is now set to reach End of Support and End of Life.

Why is this happening?

As of December 20, 2023, iSymphony decommissioned the administrative website ( that Fuze Support used to add additional Queue and User views to customer tenants for the legacy Fuze Contact Center.

There is unfortunately no replacement for this website, as the platform was retired by iSymphony 10 years ago and is no longer supported by them. No new enhancements or features have been added to this product since November 2019.

While the platform does work for now, it is very likely that iSymphony will eventually decommission other servers that Fuze Contact Center (FCC) uses to verify service information with iSymphony. At that time, the platform would cease to function altogether.

When will this happen?

  • End Of Support (EOS) is scheduled to occur on May 15, 2024.
  • End Of Life (EOL) is scheduled to occur on August 15, 2024.

What's the impact of this?

  • The product will remain accessible until 2024-08-15, but no new queues or users can be added.
  • When the End Of Support date is reached, the product may continue to work for a time, but:
    • There will be no service maintenance.
    • Support cannot be provided for the product.
    • At an unknown point in the future, servers may unexpectedly and permanently go down.
  • When the End of Life date is reached, all servers will be turned down, which will stop the platform from being utilized. The FCC Support section in the Fuze Portal will also no longer be visible.

Will I be notified in advance?

Yes. We will send email notifications, including multiple reminders as we approach both the End of Support (EOS) and End of Life (EOL) dates stated above.

What Contact Center alternatives can be provided?

Who can assist me in moving to a selected alternative?

Fuze Support will provide assistance with information and knowledge about FuzeCC (Fuze Supervisor Console), which you will have access to by default if you are currently using this Legacy FCC (Fuze Contact Center).

If you wish to upgrade to 8x8, you can begin the journey by reaching out to, or by reaching out to your Customer Service Manager (CSM).

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