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Scheduling a Fuze Meeting in Outlook


Scheduling a Fuze Meeting in Outlook.

Applies To

  • Fuze Apps
  • Integrations
  • Outlook


When you’re scheduling a meeting with your Outlook calendar, you can schedule and add a Fuze meeting to your invite with a single click.

Fuze meetings cannot be cancelled through Fuze Desktop or Fuze Web. If you are looking to cancel a scheduled meeting, you will have to do so through Microsoft Outlook: Cancelling a meeting in Microsoft Outlook.

To add a Fuze Meeting to your Outlook meeting:

  1. Create a new meeting invite in your Outlook calendar.
  2. Click Make it a Fuze Meeting in the Fuze for Office 365 pane.
    A Fuze Meeting is created and the details are added to the body of your invite.
    Schedule a Fuze Meeting in Outlook.png
  3. You can complete and send your Outlook calendar invite now, or you can perform the following actions for the Fuze Meeting:
    • Click Join to join the meeting.
    • Click Copy Link to copy the meeting link and share it.
  4. Use the Meeting Type selection to choose the appropriate meeting type.

Advanced Meeting Options

Click Advanced Options to configure the following options for your meeting:

  • Display toll-free number in invitation - Include a toll free number so that attendees can dial in to your meeting.
  • Display international dial-in number in invitation - Include a number that allows international attendees to dial in to the meeting.
  • Auto accept all - Allow anyone with the invitation to join the meeting.
  • Enable audio chimes for entry and exit - When selected, an audio notification plays when attendees join and exit the meeting.
  • Start recording automatically - Start recording the meeting automatically when the meeting starts.
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