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Merging a Call


Merging a call with Fuze.

Applies To

  • Fuze
  • Calls


If you are on an active call and you have another call on hold, you can merge the calls into a single conference call. You can merge up to 2 additional participants into a single call.  

When you merge a call, video and screen share are not available.

  1. During an active call, click Merge.
  2. Click on the name or number of the person that is currently on hold.
  3. Click Merge to start a conference call with both callers.
    If you are on a video call, the following prompt is displayed:
    Fuze Merge Calls.png
  4. Click Continue to turn off video and screen share and proceed with merging the call.
  5. In the conference call screen, click On Hold to place callers on hold or take callers off hold.

Once you have merged a call, you can choose to disconnect. The remaining callers will not be disconnected from the call.

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