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Receiving a Chat Message in Fuze


Receiving a chat message in Fuze Desktop, Web, or Mobile.

Applies To

  • Fuze Desktop
  • Fuze Web
  • Fuze Mobile
  • Chat


When you have an unread message from a contact in a chat conversation, a red icon with the number of unread messages is displayed to the right of the contact’s name in the conversation pane.

Unread group messages are indicated with a red outline.

Fuze Receiving Message in Chat1.png

With Fuze Desktop, a badge is displayed next to your system tray icon that indicates the total number of unread messages.

Fuze Receiving Message in Chat2.png

Depending on your notification settings, a pop-up notification may display when an incoming message is received.

Fuze Receiving Message in Chat3.png

Click the notification or contact or group’s name to navigate to the conversation and view the unread message.

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