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Managing Fuze Group Details


Edit group names, search group conversation history, configure group meetings, view and edit shared notes, add or remove members, and personalize group notifications and participation settings.

Applies To

  • Fuze Desktop
  • Chat


Use Group details to edit and access group information and configure group settings.

To open Group details, click the Group details button in the upper-right corner of the group chat conversation.

Manage Fuze Group Details1.png

Edit the Group Name

To edit the group name, click the edit button beside the group name. When you are done editing the group name, click the check mark to save the changes, or click the to cancel the changes.

Manage Fuze Group Details2.png

Search the Group Conversation History

Click Search this conversation to open the Messages tab on the Search screen to search the group conversation history.

Manage Fuze Group Details3.png

For more information on the Messages tab on the Search screen, see Searching your message history.

Configure Group Meetings

Use the Meeting area to send a meeting link to each member of the group, edit the settings for group meetings, and copy a group meeting link.

Manage Fuze Group Details4.png


Click Start a Meeting to start a meeting to send each member in your group a meeting invite. Click the link icon to copy the meeting ID to your clipboard so you can send the meeting invite manually to contacts that are not in your group.

Meetings Settings

Click the gear icon to open up the meetings settings screen. The meeting settings screen opens on the Settings tab, by default.

Manage Fuze Group Details5.png

Use the Settings tab join a meeting, copy the meeting link to manually invite contacts to the meeting, view the meeting Participants, and configure Meeting Options.

In Meeting Options, group meetings are always set to Open

Recordings and Note Tabs

Use the Recordings tab to search for an listen to past meeting recordings.

Use the Note tab to create a shared note that each member of the group can view and edit.

View and Edit Shared Notes

Click View in the Shared Note area to view and edit the team note.

Manage Fuze Group Details6.png

Notes are a great way to collaborate on steps, share links, share code samples, and more. Any group member can access and contribute to shared notes.

Add and Remove Group Members

Use the Members area to add new members to the group, remove members from the group, and view current group members.

To add one or more new members to the group, click Add and search for the contact in Add people to the group

Manage Fuze Group Details7.png

To remove a member from the group, point the mouse to their name and click the X that is displayed to the right of their name.

Manage Fuze Group Details8.png

Personalize Group Notification and Participation Settings

Use the Settings menu to configure group settings.

Manage Fuze Group Details9.png

The Settings menu allows you to do the following:

  • Mute notifications for the group. When you select Mute, you do not receive alerts that a message or meeting invitation was sent.
  • Hide the group. When you select Hide, the group is not displayed in your Recent or Favorites list until a message or meeting invitation is sent from a group member.
  • Favorite the group so that group communications are easily accessed from your Favorites list.
  • Leave the group. Select Leave if you no longer need to participate in group communications.
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