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Shared Notes


Creating shared notes in Fuze Desktop.

Applies To

  • Fuze Desktop
  • Meetings
  • Shared Notes


Notes are a great way to collaborate on steps, share links, share code samples, and more. Anyone in a meeting can access and contribute to shared notes.

Creating a Shared Note

Create a shared note for all meeting attendees to view in real time.

  1. Click the Note icon. The shared note pane appears in the meeting, as shown below.
    Fuze Shared Notes1.png
  2. To select the note format, click </> in the shared note toolbar to select Rich text or several coding languages on the note format drop-down menu.
  3. Add text, code, links, or other content to your shared note.
    The note is saved automatically saved.

Rich Text Note Features

The following table describes the Rich Text features available in the shared note toolbar.

Feature Description
Fuze Shared Notes2.png Un-do or re-do your most recent action.
Fuze Shared Notes3.png

Select font size.

Fuze Shared Notes4.png Format options, including Bold, Underline, Italic, and Strikethrough.
Fuze Shared Notes5.png

Select font color.

Fuze Shared Notes6.png Highlight text in the note.
Fuze Shared Notes7.png Align text in the note.
Fuze Shared Notes8.png

More options for formatting text within a note, including:

  • Bulleted list
  • Numbered list
  • List of selectable check boxes
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