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Screen Sharing During Meetings


Sharing your screen in a meeting with Fuze Desktop.

Applies To

  • Fuze Desktop
  • Meetings
  • Screen Sharing


During a meeting, you can share your screen or an open application. Screen sharing is a great way to give a presentation, show a report, or help explain an idea to everyone in a meeting.

To screen share with video on macOS Catalina and later, you must configure the screen recording permission to work with Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web. For additional information, refer to Screen Sharing in Fuze on macOS Catalina and Later.

Fuze Meeting Screen Sharing1.png

Depending on the type of meeting, the meeting host may need to promote you before you can share your screen.

While you are sharing your screen, Fuze displays a control toolbar at the top of your screen. The full list of meeting controls and settings are available from this controller.

Fuze Meeting Screen Sharing2.png

While in screen sharing mode, Fuze does not currently support the ability for meeting attendees to hear any audio playback originating from the host's device. However, attendees are able to view any media being shown on the screen.

Sharing Your Screen

  1. Click Share. The Share menu is displayed.
    Fuze Meeting Screen Sharing3.png
  2. Select one of the following options:
    • Click Share Screen, then select a screen to share in the menu that appears
    • Click Share App, then select an application from the list of open apps that appears. This shares only the application, and nothing else on your screen.

    If you are sharing a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation, we recommend selecting Share Screen.

  3. To stop sharing your screen, click the Stop Sharing button.
    Fuze Meeting Screen Sharing4.png

Once you are done sharing your screen, another meeting attendee can opt to start sharing their screen.

Additional Information

Looking for information on screen sharing while on a call? Refer to Screen Sharing During Calls.

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