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Poor Quality Audio from Network


Poor quality or choppy audio when on a call or in a meeting. You receive the following error: Poor quality [inbound/outbound] audio may occur based on current network conditions.

Applies To

  • Fuze
  • Audio


If the Related Fuze error message above is generated for one or more people in the meeting or on the call, ask them to check their network connection. Here are some additional tips:

  • Recommend they relocate to their last known optimal network connection, if ideal.
  • Recommend they directly connect their computer to a router or modem instead of using a wireless connection.
  • Recommend they avoid heavy usage of their bandwidth, such as video streaming services, while using Fuze.
  • Recommend they check with their Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ensure that their internet bandwidth meets or exceeds the Fuze Video Meetings Bandwidth Requirements.

If they continue experiencing issues and require further assistance, recommend they contact their network administrator/IT department or ISP.


If you are on a call or meeting in Fuze and you experience poor quality audio, this may be due to network connection or network quality issues.

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