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Reporting Issues in Fuze Desktop and Fuze Web


Reporting issues in Fuze Desktop or Fuze Web.

Applies To

  • Fuze Desktop
  • Fuze Web


We are always improving our products to bring you the best experience possible.

If you are experiencing an issue with Fuze Desktop or Fuze Web, you can report it from directly within the app.

Reporting issues directly from Fuze apps is important because Fuze support automatically receives key software logs and other key technical details related to your app that help us troubleshoot problems you are experiencing.

Reporting an Issue

To report an issue, open your question mark ( ? ) menu and click Report a Problem.

  1. On the Contact Fuze Support screen, select a Subject that applies to your issue.
  2. Enter the Details of the issue.
  3. Click Send.

You receive a follow-up email from Fuze to confirm your submission.

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